We started with a tour in 2017. Then the question arose whether we could organize something for a weekend. We did that in 2018, and it was a great success with 180 Roadsters! We then continued together with our German Roadster friends and organized a great event every year. I am not organizing this alone and would also like to appoint these people.

Without these people there is no Meeting! Respect!

Theo Luwema
Gaby Luwema
Ronald Lammers
Richard Amersfoort
Chantal Hollestelle
Jop van Rijnberk
Andre de Nil
Peter Gerritsen
Rob Hagendoorn
Sam Dammers
Marion Amersfoort
Meghan Amersfoort
Ulrich van Gom
Eric Dammers
J├╝rgen Wissmann
Maik Emil Kurpanek
Oliver Solbach
Martin Seitz

If you have any questions , please send an email