Rescue Brigade Zierikzee-Duiveland

Zierikzee-Duiveland Rescue Brigade has been the safety partner at all events on or around the water in Zeeland. For many years we have been monitoring various classes of sailing competitions, swimming & performance trips, survival trips and event days.
The Zierikzee-Duiveland Rescue Brigade has three rescue boats, two Ribs are used for events, the third boat its provided by the Ministry of the Interior, which is used in the case of disasters. The Zierikzee-Duiveland Rescue Brigade is available to provide assistance in the event of flooding, and dike breaches together with 83 other rescue brigades in Holland.

The general basic objective of Zierikzee-Duiveland Rescue Brigade is the prevention of drowning victims. We try to achieve this by improving the swimming skills of our members, so that in principle they can save themselves and possibly others with specific techniques that are learned in a swimming pool. In addition to improving swimming skills, water rescue activities take place. Initially also aimed at preventing drowning victims (surveillance) and to a lesser extent in a repressive sense.

We as an organisation have chosen the organization Zierikzee-Duiveland Rescue Brigade, we will transfer the funds that are available at the end to Zierikzee-Duiveland Rescue Brigade.