Update 452fun!

The good news is that the event is still going on!
And we look forward to seeing you.
Obviously a few things have changed with Covid-19.
Our permit for the tour has been revoked by the municipality.
Fortunately we have very good members in the organization and we can do a tour, but in small groups, our organization has put a lot of effort into making something beautiful for this.
And it worked!

I had to cancel the Band because of Covid-19, which I think is a pity, but we do not want to get close to each other with a large group of people.
The most important thing is safety!
We think this event is doable, but safety is most important to us!

So instead of the band there will be a BBQ with background music on Saturday night!
Also cozy and that way we can keep our distance.

As you will notice, we do everything we can to make a fun and safe Roadster weekend.
We are all grown-up people and I think we can work out fine together.

So it is still possible to register.

At the moment there are 150 Roadsters coming, 75 of which are going camping, so that will just be very nice.

Everyone stay healthy and until September!

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